Tribe : Blaze the Trails with Cacao and Almond

Tribe : Blaze the Trails with Cacao and Almond

My new Tribe pack arrived yesterday and the only question was what to try first! I was immediately intrigued by the Cacao and Almond bar… mainly, in the first instance, because I wondered why they’d spelt Cocoa wrong! Well a quick google put me right!

The Cacao is a tree and the species from which cocoa and therefore chocolate (and who doesn’t like chocolate!) is derived. Cacao is the tree and the edible parts of cacao pods are processed to make cocoa! Well there you go. It is thought that eating this in its raw unprocessed state has huge health benefits. Read more here.

And as for almonds…. well… I love almonds! And they are said to reduce hunger and promote weight loss. More here.

But what did it taste like? What was the texture like? Oh my word! Oh… my… word… I thought I liked the pineapple one (which gets a mention here!) but this bar was a near spiritual experience! Nutty, chocolatey, heaven in a bar… and only 194 calories. Awesome.

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