Treat your body – get your greens – detox – and feel great!

Treat your body – get your greens – detox – and feel great!

So what do you do when your local supermarket have had a promotion on green leafy things and you are left with a couple of bags of kale and spinach and no idea what to do with it!? Or, if your life is more organised than mine, what do you do with the kale and spinach you’ve just bought as part of your healthy eating shopping trip!

Smoothies! That’s what! The detox benefits of such drinks are well documented and many extol the virtues of all sorts of smoothies for a healthy diet. My only issue I’ve ever had with smoothies has been when trying to lose weight. I recollect adding up the calories in the gorgeous soft fruit smoothie I’d just made for breakfast and discovering that there were a huge amount of calories in what I’d just eaten. Now, alright, I know it’s not just about calories, it’s also about the quality of what you eat, but when trying to lose weight calorie intake is so important. So you have to proceed with caution but surely the calorie count of kale and spinach is not high!

For my smoothie this morning I’ve blended together kale, spinach and avocado. Now, go easy, as avocado’s are quite high in calories but are so good for you! Good fat not bad fat! So, I went for just half a one in my smoothie. I grabbed a couple of handfuls of kale and the same of spinach and my half an avocado and whizzed it up with enough water to get the consistency I like.

….and it was magic! It tasted so good! It tasted…. well… green! So refreshing! I could almost feel it doing my body good as I drank it. Spinach has a huge amount of vitamins and loads of iron. Kale is the same and is said to support the immune system. And the avocado is packed full of nutrients including potassium which apparently we are not getting enough of!

Give it go!
Feel good! In fact no…. Feel Great!!