Travel bottles can be fun! Who would have thought!

Travel bottles can be fun! Who would have thought!

You know when you’re packing and you are trying to pack light and you have to put loads of full bottles of liquid into your luggage and then carry it all! Weighs you down! And then you think ‘I’ll buy some little bottles to decant into’. So you go to your local shops and all of the bottles are just a bit plastic and crappy looking!

Well! A quick on line search finds these bad boys. Opul’s Silicone Travel Bottle and Jar Set with…. wait for it…. tooth brush cover! Wonderful! They look great! And it gets even better when the product arrives and you get them in your hands. The pliable silicon is lovely to the touch and the colours are great. They’re a decent size but probably just big enough for weekend breaks. You probably need something a bit bigger for a two week break.

Definitely a must have for the seasoned traveller! For me they are perfect for my bike trips where I want to carry as little as possible! Get stuff! Click the link to grab some!