The Opul Outdoor Water Resistant USB Lighter! Genius!

The Opul Outdoor Water Resistant USB Lighter! Genius!

Campers! It’s time to throw away your lighters and matches and join us in the 21st Century by buying yourselves a water resistant double arc lighter. Charged from your USB socket, windproof and waterproof, this is just a great product. You can watch the unboxing video to get an idea what the product looks like.

It looks great – the contrasting yellow and black design is very attractive and means you won’t lose it easily in the grass! It feels sturdy and robust and does the job of lighting things with great ease even in windy conditions. The lighter is ridged to make it easy and comfortable to handle and avoid having it slip out of your hands.

This is a must have accessory for us campers and caravaners. Get yourselves one of those adapters for the car so that you can USB charge it from the car when your away from electric and off you go. It comes with a lanyard to hang it around your neck (or anywhere else for that matter) when you need your hands free but don’t want to put it down somewhere and lose it!

Buy one of these for a only £15.99 from amazon and never have to buy matches, lighter fuel, or disposable lighters ever again. 





Disclaimer: This was a collaborative post with Opul and I was given the lighter in order to give an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.