The only killer exercise you’ll ever need to get fit and feel great!

The only killer exercise you’ll ever need to get fit and feel great!

I’m going to tell you about the only exercise you ever need to do. It will get you fit and make you feel great! You can do this exercise with minimal gear and none of it particularly specialist! You need to be wearing loose fitting clothing that you are comfortable in and sometimes this killer exercise may be better if you have shorts, t-shirt, and trainers on. What is this killer exercise that is going to get you fit and feeling great. Well as with lots of exercise regimes it has a short snappy title. It’s called MOVE!

Here’s how MOVE works. From a seated position stand up… and then sit down…. and then stand up… now modify this doing it without the chair. Lower yourself into what looks like a seated position (but not sitting as their’s no chair remember!) and then stand back up…. got that one? That’s MOVE

Ok let’s try something else. Get down on the floor, lie down, get back up. Repeat. That’s MOVE. Trying lying on the floor on your stomach and MOVEing yourself up and down with your arms. Try lying on your back and MOVEing your upper body of the ground keep your legs straight’ish. All of these things are MOVE!

Now for something quite advanced. You might want your trainers on for this one. Stand up and MOVE forward. That’s it! Keep MOVEing forward. Once you’ve gone forward for about 10 minutes or so, turn around and go back to where you started from. If you are very clever you can MOVE forward in a circular fashion and after 20 minutes or so end up where you started. This may be too advanced to start with but you’ll get there. Some people call this walking. I call it MOVE.

For advanced practitioners you should try to increase the speed at which you MOVE forward. Some call this jogging. Experts call it running. I call it MOVE

For those of you who have a gym near by you can MOVE to the gym…. you don’t even have to go in! You could just MOVE their and then MOVE home and then you can tell of your friends you’ve been to the gym… ‘cos you have!

You may want to go into the gym! Think about this as they will want cash from you! But if you want to MOVE in a variety of ways they’ll show you how. And are pretty good at it. They may not call the things they do MOVE – they will have strange names to make it sound like there’s something clever going on like Metafit, or functional training, or circuits. But essentially it’s MOVE! So if you like to MOVE with others, and it is good for motivation, then try one of these MOVE classes!

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