Sprouts are for life not just for Christmas!

Sprouts are for life not just for Christmas!

 Using up the Christmas leftovers isn’t just about turkey curry, and sprouts are in season for longer than just the week before Christmas. And they pack an absolutely wonderful nutritional punch. Just look here of you don’t believe me!

So when I was shopping at my favourite store Lidl I grabbed a bag and thought right lets see what I can add these into! I’ve got a few ideas and here was the first!

I took the following;

2 Pork steaks (with all visible fat trimmed off and cut into cubes)
About 10 Sprouts cut into quarters
A handful of Mushrooms chopped however you want (I go rough!)
About half tub of cream (enough to make a sauce in the pan really – however much you think)
3 cloves of garlic (I like garlic!)
A generous handful of basil (roughly chopped)
Enough Linguine for two (or whatever pasta form you like)
Splash of Olive Oil

This is a quick meal – and I love quick easy meals on a work night

Boil the kettle and pour the water into your large sauce pan, stick the heat on and pop the Linguine in
Ok the clock is ticking now – we’re eating in 10 minutes
Olive oil – a good splash – into the frying and heat on – high to start with and then turn it down once we’re going
Chuck into the frying pan the cubed pork and the sprouts
Pause stirring the stuff in both pans periodically (maybe take a sip of wine – I’d suggest a Sauvignon Blanc with this… this is a good one)

Once the pork is just cooked chuck in the mushrooms… and pause

Once the mushrooms are just about there chuck in the cream
Give the pasta a quick check
Turn the heat down on the pork mixture

Keep checking the pasta until it’s cooked but still firm to the bite – lovely!
When it is – stir the basil into the pork mixture
Drain the pasta and mix into the pork mixture


Nice one
Somewhere in between Sunday Lunch and Italian Pasta – what’s not to like!