So why do I run!?

So why do I run!?

So why do I run!? Because I have to! I’ve ran since I was about 17 when I decided as a slightly curvy teenager that I needed to do something. At 18 I met my long term running buddy Tony who I’ve ran with for the last 30 years or more! Does it sometimes hurt? – Yes. Does it sometimes leave my muscles sore and aching? – Yes. Does it always make me feel great? – Yes! (Mostly!) It gives me a great sense of achievement and a huge well-being boost. When I get in from work feeling sluggish, or wake up on a morning feeling less than refreshed, or I need to get out and have some fresh air, a run always pays me back for the effort of putting my trainers on and going out.

As well as the things that running does for me personally there appears to be evidence that running as some great health and life benefits. Runners World tells us that running makes you happier, benefits your joints and bones, keeps you mentally alert, adds years to your life, and an even reduce the risk of cancer. It also says that it gets you fitter…. Well, er, yes… I’d imagine it would.

I can’t vouch for all of these things but I can say that after a run I feel psychologically more positive and more alert. I know that I’m fitter and healthier as a consequence, and that, with the right stretching after (and a little cheeky daily stretching routine) I feel stronger and more ‘in control’ of myself physically when demands are made on my body. And there also seems to be evidence that exercise in general helps you look younger…. Now I can definitely vouch for that!

So look young, feel great, stay sharp! Get your running shoes on and get out there!