Sites We Like

Inevitably when writing a blog you look at a lot of websites and a lot of other peoples blogs ….and they are a great source of information and inspiration….


Father Fitness
Paul Stainthorpe aka Father Fitness blogs about his own personal fitness journey from becoming a first-time Father to regaining his fitness and more beyond this. A great source of information and guidance.

Full Stride
Full of great advice for runners of all ages and abilities this is a must to click to! Loads of training and nutrition tips.

Loxley Sports
These guys are awesome! With over 20 years in the industry there’s loads here on health, nutrition, fitness, muscle and weight loss…. go take a look!

4Ever Fitness
Great fitness advice from people who know what it’s about!

Mutha Fitness
Strive for progress, not perfection… here’s a great blog for the ladies… weight loss, health, beauty… it’s all here!

Shout Fitness
They shout about all things fitness. From training to motivation, Shout Fitness will give you all the information you need to lead a happy and healthy life.

Our Healthy Hub
Our Healthy Hub is a free platform for health and fitness bloggers to connect and support each other. Join us now!

For all things kid related check into this excellent site – from craft to fitness it’s all here!


Getting Things Done
Get yourself organised the David Allen way. Great source of productivity guidance and hacks. You’ve got to love the ‘2 minute rule.’