Saturday Morning? It must be Parkrun!

Saturday Morning? It must be Parkrun!

What’s the best way to make sure you get some exercise?

Get involved and do it with other people – they’ll motivate you!
Do it regularly – make it a habit!

Get involved with Parkrun!!Parkrun is a world wide phenomena! Every Saturday morning in a park near you people are getting together and running 5k (3.1 miles) with other like minded people. The event is free and you get a time. You run 25 of them (make sure you print off and take your bar code – you get these when you register on the web site) you get a free t-shirt. You make it to 100 runs and you get another free t-shirt! And… did I mention it was free! And it’s for everyone! Absolutely everyone. Check out any of the runs and have a look at the times. There is everyone there from your club runners doing 16 minutes to your fun runners who may even walk a bit doing 40 minutes and more…. And all of that is absolutely cool. Runners are a great bunch and you’ll be welcomed I’m sure!

I run regularly at Riverside, Chester-le-Street, near Durham. There’s always over 200 people doing it now and you see the regular faces there week in week out. And did I mention you could volunteer to marshal the course or give out the finish tokens and more. Bill’s corner wouldn’t be, well, Bill’s corner, if Bill didn’t stand there every week and keep us safe! It’s because of the volunteers that the thing is such a success – I keep meaning to do it more but enjoy running it so much I never get around to it – shame on me!

It’s because you know it’s happening every week and because you know you’ll meet up with friends there that motivates you out of bed on a cold Saturday morning – and the great feeling afterwards when you get home and into a warm shower is priceless! What a great way to start the weekend.

And once you’ve got used to your own local parkrun go off and experience others in your area and be a parkrun tourist! My friend Tony and I have done nearly all of the north east ones and some further afield. I always seek out a park run when I’m on holiday. For my 100th parkrun me, Tony, and my eldest son Jonathan ventured to Fountains Abbey which has to be one of the most picturesque ones you’ll find.

Check it out… it just might change your life 😉 or get you fitter at least

Have a look here for your nearest one

And register here

And don’t forget to print off your bar code and take it with you every time!!