Photowall’s personalised and fast canvas print service

Photowall’s personalised and fast canvas print service

The happy couple on a canvas!

In September me and my lovely lady Christine got married! Jonathan took loads of great photographs and it’s been a pleasure looking through them and remembering the day. We wanted something to commemorate the day with for the house and just while we were pondering what to get Photowall got in touch and offered us one of their personalised canvas prints!

Even just a quick look at their website will show you the dazzling range of wall murals and canvases they do from their extensive stock of images – art prints, patterns, music related images, animals – they’ve got the lot! And they also have a service where you upload your own image and have it printed onto canvas.

I’m going to honest…. I was dubious about one or two things. I’m always worried when I upload an image of my own to a service like this that it’s going to be of a good enough quality once enlarged to the size of the canvas. We were ordering a 50 by 80 cm canvas which would mean the image would be blown up quite a bit. The web site automatically checks the image but I was still concerned. The other thing that worried me was the fact that the canvas was going to arrive rolled and I was going to have to assemble the frame and mount the canvas. Now, if any of you know my DIY skills – or lack of them – you will understand why this would have concerned me!

The Photowall frame is of sturdy construction

So how did it the whole process go! Ordering was for the most part very straight forward. I had one little issue as I kept typing a size into the boxes for width and height and nothing seemed to happening until I realised I needed to use the sliders underneath the boxes. Everything then proceeded fine with a reassuring image check and email confirmation.

Bearing in mind Photowall are based in Sweden and this was a one off print from our own image the package arrived in 3 days! Now that’s impressive! It was very well packaged.

Then came the challenge of unpacking it and assembling. Have a look at this video to see how remarkably easy it was! I had to read the instructions a few times and examine the bits from several angles before I was satisfied I knew what I was doing but honestly it was no effort to put together.

Easy to assemble!

The framing system pulled the canvas taught and it looked great once assembled! I need to also tell you about the print quality. Like I said, I was worried whether the image would be of a good enough resolution but I need not have worried at all! The image was fabulous with none of the detail lost and the mustard coloured piece of wall and the flowers in the foreground were lovely and vibrant.

Both the product and the service from this company were excellent and I would highly recommend them. Photowall come with a Mordue 5 star rating!! Have a look at the web site and treat yourself.




Disclaimer: This was a collaborative post with Photowall and I was given the canvas in order to give an honest review. All words and opinions are my own. The cost of the canvas would have been £73