No alcohol! No way!

No alcohol! No way!

The impact of alcohol on our health is well documented so you don’t need me to tell you what the possible issues are. But for me, right now, it’s more than this. I know I drink too much. I know I don’t like how I feel the next day. I know that I don’t sleep as well after a few glasses of wine or beer. So what’s the alternative?

It’s years since I tried no alcohol or low alcohol beer so my only reference point is Kaliber – one of the first on the market years ago – which I recollect was not the finest tasting! It may have changed but those memories put me off seeking it out. A quick google tells me that there are a good number of options out there to wet my whistle but as ever availability is everything so I tried the ones that were on the supermarket shelves.

I’m no expert. I’m not going to tell you about hints of sulphur from the brewing process, or the mild hoppy grassy notes in the after burn – or whatever it is that the experts write about – but I can tell you what I think as a regular guy who likes a pint from time to time!

I tried 3 – Becks Blue, Cobra Zero, and Brewdog’s Nanny State.

Becks Blue was the first I tried. It had hints of my Kaliber experience but nicer. For some reason, that someone who knows more can tell me, non alcoholic beer always seems to taste more malty. Now I don’t mind a hint of malt but when it’s over powering I find it off putting particularly when I get a waft of it up my nose before I start. Becks Blue is a little like this so if you like malty then this would work for you. For me it’s just a 2 out of 5. I wouldn’t object to drinking it but if there was something else I’d go for that.

Cobra Zero was next! Now Cobra with the alcohol is a big favourite of mine so I tried this with interest. It had the same malty taste as the Becks Blue but less overpowering. And there it was, in the background, the actual taste of Cobra. This a good addition to my list of possible alcohol substitutes. Definite 3 out of 5.

Then the question was what could the genius that is Brewdog come up with! Oh my word! Nanny State actually tastes like a real Brewdog experience. Like a real ale as though it had the alcohol and everything. Now the slight difference here is that this one has 0.5% alcohol – the others have (virtually) none. Surely that tiny bit can’t make so much difference! Whether it’s that or the clever Brewdog people I have no idea but this is the one for me. A high flying 4 out of 5!

Go on give it a go – you might be surprised! And you’ll definitely surprised at how much better you feel!

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