New year new you!? Which Apps should you download right now!

New year new you!? Which Apps should you download right now!

Well it’s January and the ‘this year will be different’ comments are flying around. People are undertaking dry January missions and trying to get ‘back into shape’ or just ‘into shape’. And that’s just me! I have replaced my phrase from last year – ‘2017 is going to be my year’ – with ‘2018 is going to be my year’! You can’t go it alone. Having people support you, working out with friends, having the right gear and crucially these days having the right apps is crucial.

So which ones are the best! Well I’ve tried quite a few out on your behalf! ‘Thank you Stephen’ you say 😉

Here’s my favourite 3 that have made a difference to me

Part of the complex business of sorting yourself out is keeping an eye on calories in. Now we are maybe a bit calorie obsessed these days when really we should be focussed on what’s in the stuff we eat – so noting, obviously, that it’s the quality of the calories not just the calories that’s important – the calories in calories out balance is still the best way to lose weight. MyFitnessPal is a really easy way to keep track of your intake. It’s easy to search for the foods that you eat and if it’s got a barcode then you can scan the bar code with your smartphone to input the data. I’ve not found a barcode yet it doesn’t recognise and entering non barcode stuff is simple as things like carrots and oranges are easy to search for! It’s the easiest to use calorie counting app I’ve come across and it also lets you track your water intake and weight. It lets you set the target weekly weight loss you are going for and adjusts you calorie intake goal to accommodate this. It also links with other apps so if you go for a run and have Strava (and others) it adds in the calories you’ve used up so you can have an extra nibble for dinner! Good stuff

I’ve already mentioned this above because it links to MyFitnessPal. If you like to run, walk, or cycle then you can track what you’re up to with this great app! It’s been around a while and I’ve used it for an age after trying others. It’s easy to use, compares your runs to your previous runs and the runs of others using ‘segments’ and tells you what your split times are. And that’s just the basic stuff. It also shows you the route terrain and if you’ve got it linked to your Garmin it will tell you how your heart was doing. The thing I like is the challenges that you can sign up to getting you to run so many miles a month, or managing a particular length of run in a time frame, and showing you how you are getting on compared to other strava users. If you do the same run as others – like parkrun on a Saturday morning – it’ll show you other Strava users who were running. Great!

If you’re like me you probably indulged in a few sherries over the festive period!? And if you’re like me you probably think you should have a go at drinking a bit less!? And if you’re like me you probably think that that massive glass of red you’ve just poured is only 1 unit! ….it’s probably more like 4! Drinkaware is great at letting you track your drinking. It’s loaded with lots of drinks you can search to add them into your intake. It encourages you to drink less or have drink free days. It’s quite sobering (actually and metaphorically) to track how much you drink because you’re probably drinking more than you think. This is great app for helping you keep an eye on how you’re doing.

So tracking what you’re eating and drinking gives you a reality check I find. You will be surprised at how many calories you can erode simply with breakfast and how much you’re drinking when you think you’re doing ok! By tracking the exercise you are doing you can see your progress as you get fitter. All of these things will mean that 2018 can be your year! Get out there and grab it!

Get MyFitnessPal here

Get Strava here

Get Drinkaware here


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