… ‘lean’ favourite breakfast

… ‘lean’ favourite breakfast

Got this nifty little book free with this months Men’s Health by none other than The Body Coach Joe Wicks! This little ‘Lean in 15’ Special Edition is a little gem with some meals to help you shift, shape, and sustain. So I thought I’d have a go at one of them for breakfast!

I’m a huge fan of avocado and eggs so I thought I’d give ‘Eggs baked in Avocado’ a go from page 14 in the ‘shift’ section as I do indeed need to shift a little!

The method was easy to follow – get the bacon on – cut the avocado in half (trim a little off the bottom to make it stand up easily – top tip!) and crack the egg into the hole that the stone has left (after scooping a little more out to make room. Here’s my tip to add to this brilliant recipe… my combination of large egg and small avocado gave me a problem! Too much egg to fit the hole even when I’d scooped out as much as I dared. So large avocados and/or small eggs is the way forward!. That said, I gently spooned the egg into the hole leaving behind some of the white and rustled up a little egg white omelette spiked with chilli to add on the side! Lovely!

And it was so tasty. As Joe points out you get a good dose of healthy fats and, for me, eggs are one of those things that just fill you up to get you to lunch without a mid morning hunger pang!

All good stuff…. and washed down with a cup of Eros Green Tea…. cracking start to the weekend!

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