My top 3 breakfasts to start your day off well!

My top 3 breakfasts to start your day off well!

Now, I’m not going to lie, I could eat a full English breakfast every day! And to be honest there is merit in this traditional daily launchpad! Rule the sausage out, trim the excess fat from the bacon, poach the eggs, bake the tomatoes, and fry the mushrooms in the smallest amount of oil, or even dry fry them…. yeah I know… doesn’t sound as good now does it. And this is the problem with food… well for me anyway! It has a huge psychological dimension! I want to see it all, including the sausage, frying away in a good layer of oil!

So there has to be an alternative. The full English sends the wrong signal to my head about how I’m going to eat for the day so I need something different that focuses me on healthy eating and if I’m lucky gets me to lunch time without slipping up! Here are my three favourite breakfasts!

Overnight Oats

Simply gorgeous and so easy! I’m not a fan of porridge (I’m not a fan of hot sweet things in general…. sadly I’m fine with cold sweet things!) so getting my oats on a morning (…stop it!) is difficult! But then I discovered Overnight Oats. I’m not one for measurements just go with what it looks like! So, take a pot of yoghurt, or a couple of good scoops, and mix in some oats until it’s ‘claggy’ (for those of you not from the north east of England go for ‘sticky looking’). There needs to be enough yoghurt, but not too much, as the oats are going to absorb the liquid in it to soften. I then add in some seeds – pumpkin seeds are my thing at the minute – and some soft fruit – blueberries, raspberries, strawberries. And leave it in the fridge overnight. If you forget you can get away with doing it on a morning and waiting about half an hour. Not as good but not bad.


Scrambled eggs with mushrooms and ham

Chop the mushrooms however you fancy and put them in the frying pan with a little oil. Chop the ham and crack two or three eggs – depending on how fuelled you want to be – into a jug. Chuck the ham in the jug and give a good stir. Once the mushrooms are cooked turn the heat right down – this is the crucial bit as you want the eggs to cook really slowly so they don’t go rubbery – and then pour in the eggs gently stirring to combine them with the mushrooms. Gently does it with the heat – you can’t rush this bit. And once the eggs are just done…. serve. Lots of people tell me that of all the breakfast options out there eggs keep you full for the longest. I have to agree!


Smashed avocado on wholemeal toast

Easy, and lovely. Select two slices of your favourite wholemeal, granary, brown, seedy, nutty bread (or make your own!) and pop them in the toaster. Slice open a ripe avocado and mash in a bowl. Spread on the toast! How easy is that! Get fancy if you want! Personally I like a little splash of extra virgin olive oil in mine as it seems to ‘loosen’ the avocado while you mash it. And I love to chop in a little basil!


There you are – 3 great ways to start your day! I’m off for my overnight oats now which have been gently doing their stuff in the fridge!

See you soon!