Kerrie’s Epic Journey!

Kerrie’s Epic Journey!

Very good friend of Mordue’s, Kerrie Highcock, is embarking on a journey of fitness discovery and has decided to blog about it here at – we’re very excited to find out more and follow her on her journey! ….let’s begin!

So after much deliberation and a few gentle nudges from people around me I have deceived to take up one massive challenge – The Great North Run 2017!

To put this into context and to understand why it’s such a big challenge I shall share a few facts about me…. I currently do NO exercise ( apart from walking the dog, usually to the local pub) I once joined the gym, which cost me over 250 quid. I attended three times in a year. I hate exercise, and once any type of pain kicks in or I become breathless I give up… and consider ordering myself a takeaway as a reward for “trying” I am not the most streamlined looking runner, and running ‘gear’ is certainly not my best look.

So with all that in mind… why on earth have I put my name down for the GNR??

The answer AUTISM. In my job I get to meet so many lovely families who are battling CHALLENGES daily. They never give up and keep going against all adversities. Therefore I am going to CHALLENGE myself for all the fantastic individuals I have had the pleasure to meet. So time to get a plan together, buy some running shoes and a trendy vest and get in the zone! Wish me luck (I really will need it)!!

You can help Kerrie raise money for the North East Autism Society by clicking here

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