Kerrie’s Challenge! Less than 12 weeks to go!

Kerrie’s Challenge! Less than 12 weeks to go!

As I’m sure you’ll remember good friend of Mordue’s Kerrie Highcock has decided to take up a massive challenge – The Great North Run 2017! Let’s find out how she is getting on……

So I am reliably informed that it’s the great north run in less than 12 weeks. Apparently I should be able to run about five mile confidently now without stopping, it seems I may have glanced over that part of the training manual as I still out of breath after a quick jog to the local.

I have ditched my trendy running trainers for water shoes and spent the last nine days in Tenerife. I have been cramming in ‘stamina’ building exercises including my old time favourite ‘ water running’ (basically looks and feels like I am doing a bit of training, but to be honest it’s because it doesn’t take up as much energy as swimming!)

So three days left of water shoes and water running and I will be back in the UK where I have committed myself to upping my game and making a genuine commitment to getting through this run.

I have a training plan ready, made by a colleagues daughter who raised concerns months ago that ‘I was not taking this seriously’

So that’s the plan

But for now time for a little gentle exercise in the pool ( and maybe a beer)

You can help Kerrie raise money for the North East Autism Society by clicking here

Leave Kerrie a message of support! And the next update is coming soon!