Hot and Pink! Mushrooms and Coffee really do go!

Hot and Pink! Mushrooms and Coffee really do go!

As a coffee lover and a mushroom lover I was over the moon to receive a mushroom growing ‘kitchen garden’ for Christmas where you grow the mushrooms in coffee grounds! This delightful idea comes from the Espresso Mushroom Company who have put all you need in a box so that you can grown your very own oyster mushrooms. My particular pack was Hot Pinks which look delightful with their pinkish hue.

The mushrooms are grown in the box you get them in inside a plastic bag which contains coffee grounds because oyster mushrooms apparently love growing in this ‘compost’. The process was so easy to follow. Cut the plastic bag where it’s marked, submerge the bag in water for 12 hours, drain the water, put the bag back in the box with a panel removed, keep moist with a spray a few times a day and wait!

The Espresso Mushroom Company say ‘the kits are a great treat for you and your kids, and a perfect gift for green-fingered foodies and garden-deprived city dwellers alike. Just find a light airy spot, follow these four simple steps: Open up – Water – Grow – Harvest!’ and it really is that easy and takes up very little space.

And after some patient waiting – it took about 2 weeks – the mushrooms had emerged, grown, and were ready to harvest in their pinky, velvety gorgeousness. They has a smooth firm texture, a rich flavour, and a fresh peppery bouquet. I wanted to experience mine unadulterated so I fried them in a little spray of my favourite coconut oil with some scrambled eggs and a slice of wholemeal toast. The tasty absolutely gorgeous!

And just so you know….. Nutritionally they are high in protein and fibre, low calorie and contain zero fat and cholesterol. and are naturally rich in vitamins and nutrients including vitamin B and  C with significant levels of zinc, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, folic acid and niacin. And you grew them on your kitchen counter! Immense!

…..and after resting the compost you can grow another batch! They are just emerging now!

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