Guilty pleasures!

Guilty pleasures!

Us men…. we do it but we never talk about it…. we keep it secret… we skulk around so we can do it but never let on to our mates that we’re engaging in it….. BUT! We are all at it!

Sales of ‘beauty’ products are hugely increasing for men. The pamper sessions that women have – getting their nails done, having their eyebrows shaped, having a spa day with a massage or a seaweed wrap are being taken over by men…. but we’re not talking about it. Why is it such a guilty pleasure! If one of us plucks up the courage in the pub to say ‘hey! I use moisturiser!’ – lo and behold everyone then chips in with – ‘yeah me too’, quickly followed by, ‘yeah, just ‘cos the wife buys it for me….. who’s round is it!?’

A Mintel report in 2014 discovered that men now saw moisturiser as an essential product rather than a luxury item. I moisturise and it’s Bulldog all the way for me. And I love a massage! I went for sports massages for a good while with Trevor at Northern Integrative Health Practice and the change in my well being and my stride length when running was more than noticeable!

My guilty pleasure is that I do like a sunbed session! I know! There are risks! And the people that tell me about them are the same people who go abroad and lie in the sun for days and end up getting burnt! For me the sunbed gives me a controlled dose of what I’m after rather than some random guess at how much sun I’ve had and how much cloud cover there was. And, I’ve never burned. Never.

I go to Look Lush at Framwellgate Moor, Durham for my indulgence! The welcome is always great and the people there are so knowledgable. There’s no hard sell, just friendly advice and guidance. I got talking to Arran, the owner, about creams to help with the tanning and to guard against drying the skin out. And his advice was spot on! I got myself some Dark Escape (currently on special at the salon) and the effect was incredible. My tan developed quickly and my skin was left silky smooth. Arran was telling me that the men who come in are mostly after the sunbeds but also massage. I’ve had a treatment that involved wax coating my hands and the feeling afterwards was great. As a guitarist my hands take some stick and often feel ‘tired’ but after the treatment they felt fab-u-lous!

Christine gets her nails done at Look Lush where the focus is on exceptionally high standards of work with only the best products yet still very reasonably priced. Look Lush is a family owned business and offers all sorts – Waxing, Contour Body Wraps, Nail Extensions, CND Shellac Nails, Sun Beds, Massage, Paraffin Wax, Pedicures, Manicures, Party Lashes, Eyebrow Tint and Facials and there’s also a wide range of high quality, unique, fashionable, handbags/clutch bags, purses, scarfs, jewellery and many more accessories to purchase! I have no idea what the different is between a hand bag and a clutch bag but they’ll be able to tell you!

So guys come on! Let’s own up to liking a bit of pampering! Hey! Why should the girls have all the fun! It’s therapeutic as well. It’s a feel good thing. And we work hard so we deserve to feel good. Go on treat yourself! Pay a visit to Look Lush and get that feel good factor!



Look Lush
38 Front Street
Framwellgate Moor
0191 386 4026
….loads of parking near by