Groundhog Weight Loss/Gain (delete as applicable) Day

Groundhog Weight Loss/Gain (delete as applicable) Day

So I’ve lost about 10 pounds! The reality though is I’ve kept losing and putting the same few pounds back on… and then losing them again!

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since I checked in about the diet progress and nearly 3 since Stephen gave me my diet plan. So how’s it going!? Well, to use a footballing analogy ‘it’s been a game of two halves’! I do keep losing weight but I keep putting it back on! Not to be too disheartened though I am a few pounds lighter than I was, averaging a loss of about a pound a week, so I guess that’s good. I’m not chasing some quick fix that ends up with me putting the weight back on.

So what’s changed for the better!? Well, I’m drinking significantly less alcohol but have noticed that the day (or occasional days..) I have a drink I have gained weight the next day. Mind you, the alcohol is normally coupled with pizza night. Eating less carbs is proving far easier than I thought and on a good low carb days I can see weight loss. I feel less bloated and sometimes less sluggish. Certainly not eating a carb heavy meal on a night has meant not falling asleep on the couch as early. So, I’ve grabbed back an hour or so every day I go carb low on an evening. It’s been difficult to assess overall whether my well-being has improved as, for the last week and a half, I’ve had horrendous swollen glands and a sore throat. Now, I know that doesn’t mean that my weight gain or loss should necessarily be impacted but I’ve not been as fully engaged with the exercise which doesn’t help. Also my biggest failing is I comfort eat, so, when not well, I’ve slipped a couple of times.

I’m not wanting to make excuses here just give an honest appraisal of how its been. And one of the problems I’ve constantly faced is the metre of life, the weekly events, the annual events, sometimes just get in the way. Friday is Pizza Night (home made, less cheese, nice vegetable one (as well as a pepperoni one!) put pizza nevertheless), annual beer and curry outing with Tony, family visit with pub meal thrown in, etc etc…. These things need to be managed. And I’ve done alright. So last night no wedges with the pizzas, no sweet at the family meal out…. So there are ways to make better, if not perfect, choices.

I’d love to hear how you manage this kind of thing – leave me a message
And until I check in next time I can assure you I’ll be trying my hardest!
Failure is not an option 😉