Fuel from Huel

Fuel from Huel

I seem to start every review I’ve ever written with some sort of cynical introduction… so here goes…. The very idea that I could convince my body to be satiated with some sort of meal replacement drink as opposed to real food just perplexes me. My body will not be persuaded into thinking that the liquid I have just ingested is in anyway supposed to be a meal. Anything that is liquid goes with a meal and is not a meal in itself….. or so I thought.

I’d read a lot about Huel and was intrigued by its claims. It’s a vegan product that Huel say will fulfil all of your nutritional requirements and put an end to food as we know it. Well… I can’t vouch for that having only just tried it but I would quite like to tell you what cynical old me discovered.

I’m not going to repeat the ingredients here for you as you can pop over to the Huel website to have a look at that and if you do have a look, and have read about even a small amount of the stuff we are told is good for us, you will see that the Huel powder contains a good number of them. Good start!

The packaging looks very, well, scientific, and …clean. I like it. It says ‘this is going to be good for me and someone clever has designed this product based on good research’ ….which I imagine they have. But remember this is going to replace a meal for me. Now food is an interesting and complex thing. It’s not just about the physical. There’s a huge psychological dimension to how we eat. That’s why so many of us get it wrong. We comfort eat, we get pleasure from eating in company, we enjoy the process of cooking before eating (while drinking wine!) etc etc. So, what am I looking for. Well, for me, where this product comes into its own is when time is tight for you, when you need something that you know is going to feed and nourish you (because I think those two things are subtly different), and is going to taste good and leave you satisfied. …..all of this from a liquid food?

I ripped open the top of the packet and poured the contents into a bowl to have a look. Powder. Looks alright. Looks ‘oaty’ ish…. which it would as that’s its main ingredient. I measured out the required amount of water, popped it all in the blender and switched on. Once it looked well mixed I poured it into a glass.

‘Here we go I thought….’
Glug, glug, glug….

And you know what – it tasted delicious. A great hit of vanilla loveliness. A little ‘gritty’ maybe – that’ll be the oats I imagine. But absolutely lovely.

The big test for me would be how long did it keep me filled up. When would I want to eat again? [You know like in the bad old days when I’d eat a Big Mac meal and have to get a cheese burger on the way out because it hadn’t even filled me up ;-)]

I went about the rest of my day without a hunger pang in sight. I was truly amazed. Let’s be clear I paid for this product myself. I owe Huel nothing here. I’d tell you whatever I found. I was truly not hungry until possibly even later in the day than I would have been after my usual rice or pasta salad. Now, that’s impressive.

Would I regularly use this produce. Yes absolutely! It fits for me in the gap of ‘something to have to hand when I’m too busy to prepare something’. Would I use it every day. Maybe. Would I replace every meal with it. Definitely not. For me food is about more than simply getting my nutritional hit but this is an absolutely lovely, tasty, well presented, well thought out product that I would definitely use. I started out thinking ‘yeah come on try and impress me’ and impress me it did!

You can buy Huel here
Even their smallest pack works out at just £1.61 per meal – that’s pretty incredible!
You can get a sample pack for £4 here – make a subsequent order of over £40 and according to the website you get this deducted off that order