Coffee….. it’s a killer!

Coffee….. it’s a killer!

Coffee the killer! Well, ok, only if you drink about 80 to 100 cups in a fairly short space of time giving you a caffeine kick of around 12 grams! To be fair you’d probably throw up before you got that far from all the liquid. So coffee…. Good or bad?

If you’re anything like me you’ll love to get up on a morning, open the coffee jar, breathe in that heady smell and prepare yourself for the first cup of the day. I generally use a single cup filter as I’m the only coffee monster in the house but if Jonathan (my eldest son) is around then it’s French Press so there’s enough to go around.

When I’ve got a little more time I favour the stovetop. There’s something about the process that makes it almost religious!

So what good are my several cups of coffee per day doing me? Well I can tell you on a personal level and then tell you what the research says…..

On a personal level it just makes me feel so good! I genuinely love the taste. And when that first flavour hits my taste buds I know the day has begun and I know it’s going to be a good one. Then there’s the sense of concentration and focus it gives me. That warm alert feeling I get usually after my second one of the day! I tend to stop around about mid afternoon conscious of the possible impact on sleep later but apart from that I’m seeing no problems! Oh! And that first coffee is a great bowel stimulant….. but you probably didn’t want to know that!?

When it comes to how healthy coffee is you need to consider how you take it. I personally cannot see any point in adulterating the beautiful black liquid at all. It’s black all the way for me! Americano when I’m out. Named incidentally to mock the American soldiers who, during the war, when stationed in Italy, couldn’t handle espresso so needed their shot watered down! If you like your coffee any other way then you need to be mindful of what you are adding in. Is it extra calories as sugar, or extra as milk…. And don’t get me started on the aberrations of adding chocolate or, heaven forbid marshmallows! These additions, or your full cream milk latte, will easily push you towards 500 calories I’d imagine ….or beyond!

But black coffee is low in fat and calories and supplies a huge dose of antioxidants that help protect your health. It’s reported that coffee may protect against Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes and liver disease. And given its stimulating effect on cognition it is thought it may decrease the risk of depression.

For the sporty among you it’s suggested a cup of black coffee before a workout improves your performance by more than 10% and actually, caffeine was a banned substance in the world of athletics many years ago. In terms of weight loss coffee may regulate blood sugar as you get a hit of magnesium and potassium which supports the bodies use of insulin and caffeine may well support the break down of fat cells! Well there you go….. (I have to say…. I’m not seeing any benefit in this area on a personal level myself lol!)

Add into this evidence of reduced rates of prostate cancer for coffee drinkers, lower risk of stroke (for those on 4 to 6 cups a day), and lower risk of Alzheimer’s all says to me “keep drinking the dark life enhancing liquid!”

Buy good quality stuff, chuck out the instant, invest in a nice French Press, make it an experience …..and your life will be good ….guaranteed! 😉