Charge into Life with a Rhino flask

Charge into Life with a Rhino flask

If you’re like me, trying to be healthy, trying to eat right, but on the go all the time then you need to know that when you are out and about you have all of the right equipment at your disposal to make the job easier. And you want the stuff you use and carry to look good! Is that just me!? No – I didn’t think so!

There are a myriad of options for carrying both hot and cold liquids and not a lot to go wrong you’d imagine – the flask has been around for a long time – so how something looks is probably going to sway you around what you purchase. And then after that I’m probably looking for ease of use.

Audacious Rhino’s flask caught my eye. With it’s matt black finish and striking red logo it makes an instant impact. Audacious Rhino’s mission is to provide solutions to the daily social, mental and physical challenges that we may face in trying to live a healthy and active lifestyle, through the use of our specially-formulated dietary supplements and hydration products. Fair one! And they’ve got me off to a cracking start with this flask!

Firstly the essential bit. I’ve carried hot stuff (I used it for soup) and cold stuff to work in it and it keeps it hot or cold so it does the required job as well as it needs to. And in doing so it looks so cool! As I’ve said the matt black finish makes it look good and feel great to the touch and the red logo on the version I tried (the 500ml Rhinosports vacuum flask) stands out bold and strong…. like a Rhino I’d imagine! (It also comes in white logo version (380ml) and a larger camouflage version (800ml)). It looks great stood on my desk!

My favourite use has been for my Tribe shakes. I make it up on a morning, chuck some ice cubes in the flask and pour the drink in and it’s beautifully chilled for a refreshing mid morning boost or for my lunch. Just as an aside I find this is the best way to have my tribe shake as I find leaving it to stand like this for a couple of hours leads to a smoother drink! Lush!

In terms of use the Rhino flask couldn’t be easier. The screw fitting for the lid has a positive feel and seals effectively – no spills. The catch system is easy to use and has a solid feel and once you flip the top up it’s easy to drink out of. So no issues anywhere!

The flask in this review is currently on Amazon for £10.33 on special offer from £27.33 and provides great value for money for this excellent product. So if you are after a flask check out this one or one of the others at Audacious Rhino!

Note: This product was provided to me free of charge from the company in order to review it. However the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own.