August Bluetooth Wireless Headphones (Review)

August Bluetooth Wireless Headphones (Review)

If you ask any of the Mordue’s about audio related gadgets they’ll all tell you the same thing… sound quality is paramount! Headphones, speakers, amplification, and ease of use are all important but do not come close to how ultimately the product reproduces the sound…. and we do like a good bass end!

Headphones, both in ear and on ear, are notoriously variable in their quality in our view, with even some high end products not cutting the mustard. Getting something that sounds good and feels good to wear appears to be a huge challenge.

We would honestly say you can’t judge a product simply on its retail price – dare I say (as well we often know) some high end products have a serious mark up just because of the name. So we knew that the under £30 price tag was no indication of what to expect from August’s Bluetooth Headphones.

Compared to some similar products the packaging is functional rather than cool – but, hey, it does the job – I’m not buying a box – I’m buying headphones…. but some people do like their packaging! As you take the headphones out of the box – we got the red ones – we were immediately impressed with the look and feel. The red ones have a lovely lustre to them and a gorgeous tactile feel. They are nice to hold and look good on the head. Luke (who’s 16) is a fan of the look of his products and felt the same – “great look, lovely feel, lovely sheen to them”.

A quick read of the instructions pointed us to the multi-function button on the side of one of the ear pieces and with great ease we paired them to my iphone. The rather nice flashing light on the side tells you what you are currently doing so acts as a good indicator.

So once paired the big test – what do they sound like!

We were immediately impressed! Good clear quality with a decent bass end and clarity in the highs. We cranked it up and could hear no audible distortion. We checked them out across a range of musical styles and they sounded incredibly good. I had a flick through the various equaliser presets on my iphone and found that they were at their best set to ‘flat’. Now to me that’s always a good sign. If I’m having to mess around with the EQ then I’m compensating for something lacking – no need to mess around with these headphones. If I had to find a criticism of the sound quality – and I’m struggling to – I’d say at times there was a little too much in the middle range – but that would be all – and it was only on certain tracks (generally acoustic ones). Jonathan’s view…. (Jonathan’s 19) “honestly they sound better than my Beats” …great praise indeed.

Luke’s also been using them while watching movies late on a night so he doesn’t disturb the rest of us and reports that the sound quality is just as good for dialogue and explosions and other dramatic effects! They are very comfortable to wear, even for long periods.

The product in the main feels very solid. Extending the headphones to their full size to get them on my head felt positive and not not ‘flaky’. The buttons felt positive. My only criticism is there is a significant amount of sound spill from the headphones. This isn’t an issue for you as the user but might annoy people on the bus or train, or in the gym, when you are using them in public spaces. This is down to the shape of the ear pieces and isn’t uncommon on headphones of this style.

So, great headphones and at a price that, for the quality, is frankly quite unbelievable. I’d never heard of August until I came across these headphones so maybe they need to shout a bit more – because they’ve got every right to!

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Disclaimer: This was a collaborative post with August and I was given the Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones in order to give an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.