Get on it with Tribe!

Get on it with Tribe!

My trial pack from Tribe arrived just a couple of days after I ordered it. I was excited to open it but did wonder exactly what I would have been sent for just £1. Yes, just £1! I opened the box and was hugely impressed by what I’d received for such a small amount of money. “These people must be believe that this is going to impress me” I mused.

Inside were many delights to behold. The packaging is clean in design and looks natural and claims that “Anything is possible”! Hell yeah! It came as no surprise that they’ve extended their “Eat Natural” slogan into their packaging design. It really works.


Inside was a smorgasbord of delights!
Tribe 10 Goji Berry and Coconut
Tribe 10 Kianga Pineapple
Paprika & Chilli Mineral Boosting Seed Mix
Blaze Trails Beetroot
Infinity Classic
Cocoa Shake

With such a range of products where do I start!? Well, that’s easy. Those clever people at Tribe have printed on the packaging of the individual items when to use them for optimum effect, for example, “15 minutes after”, “45 minutes before”. Now… I think that’s a neat idea!

So, what’s in them? They are made from all-natural whole foods with an optimum balance of carbs, protein and minerals, inspired by experience and developed by experts, Tribe state on their website. They go on to tell us that “leading nutritional therapist Eve Kalinik has overseen the development of the Tribe range…..” and “… sticking to eating foods in their least processed, refined or adulterated forms you can be consciously aware of taking in the best sources of nutrition available and avoiding any unnecessary chemical or sugary additives”. You can read more about what goes into the products on the Tribe website.

The products give you the much needed hit of protein that’s required when you are engaging in an exercise programme. Have a look here for more on the importance of protein.

So, what did I make of the products!?

For today I’m going to just look at taste. I don’t really feel I’ve used them for long enough to say what impact they are having on my training and fitness….. (and I’m full of cold at the moment so nothing is having a positive effect!) but, I have to say, I’ll be able to do that soon because based on what I’ve tasted I’ve ordered another pack at the usual price of £8.65 (which is less than £1.50 an item)

The Tribe 10 Kinaga Pineapple bar was an absolute delight. It tasted naturally sweet and felt very indulgent. As did the Goji Berry and Coconut, although the pineapple one was a clear favourite for me! The beetroot Blaze Trails one was Ok. I like beetroot and it clearly tasted of it, which was fine from that point of view, but it felt a bit strange having it in a bar format. I’d eat it again though! The Paprika and Chilli Mineral Boosting Seed Mix was a delight. I put it in my home made Broccoli and Blue Stilton Soup and it was absolutely gorgeous. A lovely warming crunch. My least favourite was the Infinity Classic which I found a bit too chewy and bland after the other bars I tired. That said, it tasted good for me in an oaty kind of way. And as for the cocoa shake…. well what’s not to like!

So as I say! I’ve ordered some more so Tribe are doing something right! This box of goodies would say to me they are doing a lot right! I look forward to seeing what the impact on my training is in the long term.

Oh! and on a final note 10p from each Tribe Pack goes to their chosen charity, Trekstock. That’s got to be a good thing!

You can try your first TRIBE Pack (which contains 6 natural performance products) for £1 using code SHAKEIT @